Thank you for applying to be part of Afterhours 2017 — This show would not be possible without the amazing poster artists in it, we appreciate your participation!
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As a reminder, please DO NOT submit any new designs created for the show. All we need to see is 3 pieces of previous work. We don’t want you to stress about creating a poster yet, plus we’ve not released the theme! :)

What you'll need for your submission is three jpg, png or tiff images and please label them: LastName_(1-3).whatever. Naming in this way will help us speed up the process of getting the images ready for judging.

As we've done the last two years, judging is annoynomous. Meaning you'll be judged just on the three pieces of work you've submitted. We'll strip your name from the submissions and our panel of judges will give your overall submission a score between 1-10. We do this so everyone has a fair shake of getting in the show.

Judges: Sean & Wendy Carnegie (LewisCarnegie), Justin Weems (Fine Southern Gentleman), & Natalie Armendariz (Funsize)

Artists selection will be announced on/around mid-September 2017.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to

Lets Go!
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Thank you for applying to Afterhours 2017! 

We'll be in touch soon, Cam + Ryan.
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