Afterhours 2018 Artist Submission
You are about to take your first step in being considered to be an artist for Afterhours 2018. Applying to show is done in three steps:

Step One:
Find three pieces of prior work that show off your skills and style.

You do not need to create any new work for this submission.

Step Two:
Submit your three images as .jpg, .png or. tiff images and label them: LastName_(1-3).whatever.

Naming your files this way will help speed up the judging process.

Step Three:
Hit submit and your done!

We'll be in touch once we close submissions & the judges have selected the 40 artist in the show.
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That's it! We will be in touch once submission close and the judges have had a chance to make their selections.

Please reach out if you have any questions at
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