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Changemaker is an AIGA Austin initiative that unites teams of creative professionals with nonprofits and social change organizations to use design thinking, sustainable frameworks and creative tools to help advance their mission.
Applications close Sunday, April 30th at 11:59 p.m. CST and must be submitted through this form by this date and time.

The application may require as much as 30 minutes to complete. For ease of editing, you can download the application as a Word document here [link coming soon] — but be sure to submit your final answers through this form.

If you have any questions about any question within the application, please contact us at
Basic Info

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What do you specialize in? *

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Any special skill sets?

How long have you been working in your field? *

Please provide a link to your online portfolio (if applicable).

Experience and Expertise

Describe your creative expertise and how you wish to apply it in the Changemaker Series. *

Please explain in 2-5 sentences.
What qualified role would you ideally like to contribute to a Changemaker team? *

If selected, we will try to best accommodate your specialized skill set with your desired role.

Have you worked with nonprofits or social change organizations before? Tell us about it. *

Please tell us about your experience with collaborative teams and how you work within those teams to successfully deliver project assets.

Please explain in 1-2 paragraphs. It can be an example of a challenge you faced within a team and how you worked together to navigate said challenge, how you approach reviews when work requires collaboration, etc.
Any other applicable experience or notable strengths?

Do you have any other skills that may be useful for this project? Example: youth organization volunteer, fluency in multiple languages, internships, life stories, personal experiences, past careers, continuing education, etc.
Involvement and Availability

Please answer the following questions to help us confirm that you’re able to participate in the Changemaker Series events and to commit time for the entirety of the project.
Please confirm your ability to participate on the following dates: *

Visit as we will continue to update information, including event descriptions, a high-level overview of the Workshop Weekend curriculum, as well as information on ticket prices.
Changemaker Kickoff: June 8 (Evening) (tentative)
Workshop Weekend: June 9–10 (All Day) (tentative)
Changemaker Showcase: September Date TBD (Evening)

The Changemaker Series runs from June to September. “I’d like to join the AIGA Austin Changemaker Series. I am... *

On average, how many hours per week are you available June to September? *

Some roles may require more or less time depending on the phase of the project.

Is there anything that may impact your involvement over the summer and early fall? If yes, please explain. *

Let's Talk Location

Teams generally meet for 1-2 hours per week, in-person or virtually, with meetings taking place outside of the typical 9-5 work hours or on weekends. This meeting cadence runs June–September during the project phase. Please fill out the following questions to help us determine if you would be able to meet regularly with your project team.
In what city/neighborhood do you live? *

In what city/neighborhood do you work? *

How many times per month will you be able to meet with your team, even if it means meeting outside of the neighborhood where you live or work? *

Do you have a strong internet connection in case your team needs to meet remotely via video conference? *

Just a few more questions

What are your expectations for this year’s series? *

Please explain in 2–5 sentences.
Some of the organizations we choose for the Changemaker Series deal with sensitive topics. If you are selected to participate in this year's series, is there anything in your personal experience we should consider when matching you with an organization?

All information remains confidential. If you prefer not to submit this on the general application, please directly reach out to Brianna, after submitting this application.
Have you attended any Changemaker Series events in the past? If yes, which event(s) and when? *

How did you hear about the AIGA Austin Changemaker Series? *

Anything else you’d like to add?

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