Non-Profit/Change Organization Application

Changemaker is an AIGA Austin initiative that unites teams of creative professionals with nonprofits and social change organizations to use design thinking, sustainable frameworks and creative tools to help advance their mission.

Applications close Sunday, April 15th at 11:59 p.m. CST and must be submitted through this form by this date and time.

The application may require as much as 30 minutes to complete. For ease of editing, you can download the application as a Word document here [link coming soon] — but be sure to submit your final answers through this form.

If you have any questions about any question within the application, please contact us at
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The Changemaker Series Project

How would participating in the Changemaker Series help your organization achieve its goals or address its current challenges? *

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How might your organization sustain the efforts made by your creative team once the Changemaker Series has ended? *

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Involvement and Availability

If selected for this program, a representative from your organization must attend all Changemaker Series events. Attendance to these events is mandatory by you, or a representative of your organization, if selected to participate in the Changemaker Series.

Is your organization's representative able to attend the Workshop Weekend?
June 9 - 10 (Weekend, Both Days) *

Is your organization's representative able to attend the Changemaker Showcase?
September 13 (Date Tentative, Evening) *

If you have any conflicts of questions regarding the dates above, please list them here.

If different people will need to cover the different event dates, please explain further below. Note that having one person attend all events will ensure consistency throughout the process.
There is a marginal program fee for the series ($100). Would that keep your organization from participating? *

How did you hear about the Changemaker Series? *

If on the web, please try to be specific about where.
Do you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions?

Thank you for your time and effort!

At the application closing deadline, we will review all applications and meet to come to a consensus on which organizations will be accepted into the program. All Change Orgs who have applied will be notified within one week of deadline closing.

Unfortunately we are not able to accept all of the organizations that apply due to the limited number of teams that our AIGA organizers can provide support on.